Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) – Day 259 – 2016

Well alarmists say there is no recovery, sure it’s crap compared to previous decades. I can’t debate that since 1979 right now the ice looks like pure crap. However when I speak of recovery I’m comparing the ice to 2012 really, that’s the bottom. So roughly a 30% increase above the bottom in a so called warming world that is a big big deal.

sunshine hours

Day 259 isn’t particularly significant except for the math.

In 2012 arctic sea ice was 3.378 million sq km. In 2016 it is 4.378 million sq km.

Exactly 1,000,000 sq km difference.


South / North

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Discrepancy in NSIDC press release vs. data puts turning point for end of Arctic ice melt 3 days earlier

Watts Up With That?

Yesterday, as covered by WUWT, NSIDC announced that Arctic sea ice melt had turned the corner on September 10th with a value of 4.14 million square kilometers:



XMETMAN writes of his discovery of a discrepancy between what NSIDC announced yesterday, and what their data actually says. I’ve confirmed his findings by downloading the data myself and it sure seems that the minimum was on September 7th, and not the 10th:



He says on his blog:

The Arctic sea ice looks to have reached its minimum on the 7th September, which is four days earlier than average. The sea ice extent bottomed out at 4.083 million square kilometres making it the second lowest since records started in 1978 – well that’s according to the data file that I’ve just downloaded!

Strangely, according to the data that I download from the National Snow and Ice Data Center [NSIDC] the minimum occurred…

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ice free, two hundred years ago …

This is an alarmist nightmare haha


An ice free Arctic has been a wet dream for climate warmists for a long time. They are a long way out of touch, according to a book reviewed here, ice-free happened regularly two centuries ago:

Some years ago I wrote an article on the melting of the Arctic ice in the 1820’s.

This extract is taken from Contemporary reports and include the following 1817 book;

“We learn that a vessel is to be fitted out by Government for the purpose of attempting again the north-west passage, the season being considered as peculiarly favourable to such an expedition. Our readers need not be informed that larger masses of ice than ever were before known have this year been seen floating in the Atlantic, and that from their magnitude and solidity, they reached even the fortieth latitude before they were melted into a fluid state. From an examination…

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